Dear Customers!

On behalf of ELV Product Inc., I have the honour to send you our best regardson the occasion of the 60th anniversary of our company. In the life of a man, 60 years of age is the time of balancing and completion of his work. In the life of a company, it is a “golden age” – as realizing its own history in depth, it is capable to grow and develop with full strength and ambition.

That is how we, its shareholders, managers and employees, see our company. And we hope you, our customers and partners, perceive it as much as we do. Throughout these 60 years, we, like our predecessors, have also tried to produce a quality portfolio of products that meet the demanding quality and certification requirements. We believe that we have not disappointed you during this long period of partnership and we have always been providing you with quality service.

We intend to develop a good name of the company in future and to ensure its grows from human, professional, qualitative and economical point of view. In this regard, we are constantly taking a number of measures, whether technologically or personally, and we are also fully committed to implementing your innovative requirements. Our ambition is to improve the production of concrete poles in maximum capacity for our traditional partners in the power distribution field (E.ON, CEZ, SSE, ZSD and VSD). We also plan to further develop the production of steel products for lighting, road, high-rise poles, special poles for power distribution as well as masts for telecom operators, road and rail traction. Even in this area, we rely on our traditional partners, ŽSR(Slovak railways), Siemens, ELZA, O2, Telekom, etc.

We believe that we are able to meet these goals in future and thus state our position of the largest producer within the Slovak and Czech markets.

Dear Customers, let us also thank you for your long-standing favour and partnership. We are convinced that thanks to your future support and close trade and technical cooperation, we will be able to fulfill our ambitious plans and your expectations in the coming years.

Yours sincerely,



Ing. Gustáv Časnocha

Chairman of the Board


Ing. Zuzana Božiková                            Ing. Miroslav Tilinger

members of the Board of Directors