ELV PRODUKT a.s. Senec is the largest Slovak manufacturer of prestressed concrete and steel masts with more than 60 years of tradition and is one of the largest producers of this range in the region. The company is engaged in the development, design, manufacture and sale of concrete and steel masts.

Concrete poles

  1. Prestressed concrete poles for power distribution lines up to 35kV. They are also usable for traction poles for trolley, tram, and railway traffic of 9m to 15m height of standard design, or with steel flange.

Steel goods

  1. Lighting, signal, traction, flag, decorative and other poles with round and polygonal cross-section of a standard design according to our catalogue of goods, or according to a-types designed regarding customers’ requirements.
  2. Lighting poles and stadium towers up to 50m height with firm and moving frame.
  3. Bended poles for power distribution lines up to 400kV.
  4. Signal portals for motorways.
  5. Consoles, brackets and locksmith’s articles.
  6. The company offers cooperation in the field of metalworking.

Other services – Managing installation and assembilng of poles over 20m height.

Certification – The company ELV PRODUKT a.s holds the following certificates:

  1. CE certifiacte for whole assortment of concrete poles and for steel poles up to 20m height.
  2. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN ISO 3834-2, EN 1090-1, 1090-2 EXC3 certificates
  3. Both productions are supervised by the Building Testing and Research Institute
  4. Licence for supply of traction and lighting poles for Slovak railroads.